JustSkyblock is our latest gamemode in the JustMinecraft network!

You can reach this new server with /skyblock or by right-clicking on the cow in the lobby.

Once there, get to your own personal skyblock with /skyblock, or add your friends with /skyblock add.

You can see a full list of commands with /skyblock help.

Ranks and Objectives

There are 7 ranks in JustSkyblock, ranging from SkyCrafter to SkyOverlord.

You can climb the ranks by completing objectives, such as selling 100 cobble, voting once, playing a music disc, and many more!

A list of common objectives can be seen with /objectives, and a full list can be viewed with /objectives 1.

More Objectives?

Have you completed all the objectives? Or do you have some ideas for new objectives? Suggest them in the Discord at #just-suggestions!

We hope you enjoy!