Welcome to JustMinecraft

A server dedicated to Minecraft, and Just Minecraft.

At Just Minecraft our goal is to make the most classic Minecraft experience possible. To us this means, no pressure to buy ranks, no pay-to-win and no unbalanced game mechanics. To ensure the best server possible, we focus on creating a 24/7 server, with a friendly community and 0 lag, so you can play whenever you want, wherever you want.

The Just Minecraft Network currently includes:

Just Creative:

Just Creative includes ranks, world edit and plot minigames across a range of plots sizes. Our rank system is based on the number of blocks you’ve placed and time you’ve spent active on the server, allowing players to climb to the highest rank simply by playing! At each rank, you will receive more World Edit permissions and larger plots to make building easier and more spectacular.

Our plots also have a unique minigame system, allowing you to build your own minigame (including access to command blocks) and publish it to the server.

Just Survival:

Just Survival throws you into grief-free vanilla Minecraft across multiple worlds. The Survival rank system depends on time played, players killed and time survived, allowing you to reach the highest rank simply by surviving. As you rank up you will be awarded with more homes and other perks to keep the game fun.

Just Parkour:

Just Parkour is an infinite parkour runner with a unique campaign mode. Achieve higher scores in the infinite parkour to unlock more campaign levels. A top 10 leaderboard is available for you to compete with the rest of the players.


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