Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join the server?


Simple! All you need to do is add to your server list. If you get an error, make sure you typed it correctly.

Q: How do ranks work on survival/creative?

A: It’s really simple!

  • On JustCreative (/creative) ranking is really simple. Just type /warp rankinfo or /spawn and go up the staircase behind you. The formula is basically: place blocks + play time = rankup = more commands. You cannot rankup through money, you can only do it through hard work :). You can view your current progress with /rank, and you can see all the ranks with /ranks.

  • On JustSurvival (/survival) ranking is even simpler. Type /ranks to view all the ranks, and /rank to see your current progress. You can earn more points by playing the game, and every time you rankup you can /sethome two more homes. To vote type /vote and follow the links.

Q: How do I vote?

A: /vote (JustSurvival only) If you really want to vote for JustCreative, go here.

Q: How do I get started on JustCreative?


First off, type /p auto. This will automatically claim an open plot, where you can start building. If you would like to let a friend build there just type /p add <playername>, or /p remove <playname>. If you don’t want the player coming on your plot at all, do /p deny <playname> or /p deny * to deny everyone.

Once you rankup once, check out largeplots! Run /warp lp and then type /p auto. You then have a much larger plot to build in! To get back run /warp sp or /spawn. To get back to your plot type /p h or /p h:<number> for a specific plot.

Q: How do I claim blocks on JustSurvival?


Your days of the golden shovel are gone. All you need to do is place a block, and that block along with all the blocks next to it will be claimed automatically. There is no limit either!

Q: How can I let a player edit the blocks on my plot?

A: /add <playname> to add players, /remove <playername> to remove them

Q: Can I use my x-ray texture pack?

A: Oh man, this one is a toughie… uhh…. No.