We’re super excited to introduce something new to JustCreative.

We now have build contests! You can get to the in game info area with /warp buildcontest. Here are the complete rules:

  • Contest entries must be on largeplots or smallplots only. Freebuild builds or hugeplot builds will not be judged.
  • Each week, you may only submit one plot to be judged.
  • Inappropriate builds will not be judged. Please use common sense!
  • Try to make your build as close to the theme as possible for the highest chance of winning!
  • Build contests will happen usually happen once a week, starting and ending on Thursday. They will last for a week.
  • The winner will be decided based on three categories:
    • Theme/Completeness
    • Creativity
    • WOW! Factor


To vote on someone else’s plot, type /c vote over it. To see the current theme, type /c theme. To see the winner of the last contest, type /c winner, and to see a random plot in the contest, type /c random.

After finishing your build:

When you have completed, do /c enter over your plot. You can claim multiple plots and try different styles, but you can only enter one plot per week, and your others will only be seen as regular builds.

You won?!?!??


You will get a nice little style in your name that will look a bit like this: {TheBestUsernameHere}