We don’t like rules much, so let’s keep it simple:


  • Cursing is fine, but by default there is a chat filter. You can toggle it with /nofilter
  • Abuse: It is not tolerated, and can result in a mute after one warning, and escalate from there. This includes threats, profane insults, having the intention to annoy or make someone angry, being sadistic, and talking about controversial topics without minding other’s opinions and experiences. Overall, be respectful and generally kind.
  • No spamming or excessive caps, it makes chat harder to read.
  • No advertising other minecraft or discord servers.
  • Just have some common sense. Please.
  • Inappropriate skins aren’t allowed. You will not be allowed on the server until you change your skin


  • Only Creators+ Can go in freebuild. End of story, no exceptions.
  • Freebuild is not protected from griefing, we recommend using the plot worlds instead.

JustSurvival and JustHardcore

  • Hacked clients are not OK, One warning, then the ban hammer will decide the outcome.
  • X-Ray is considered cheating, and has the same consequences as the bullet above.
  • Killing is allowed, and so is combat-logging.
  • Griefing is not allowed. The ban hammer may get involved.
  • Trusting players means you're responsible if anything happens.


To appeal your ban you can

  • Send a message on the server discord, and one of our mods will respond to you.
  • Ping us on twitter, and our admin greenteacups will open a DM with you.
  • Send a message to greenteacups on Planet Minecraft